Our Go Viet hotel restaurant service management and consulting company was born in the 2000s, currently Go Viet specializes in providing the following services:

📊 Consulting on restaurant setup and operation
📊 Consult setup and operation of cafes, milk tea, take away, foodcourt
📊 Consulting on management and operation of hotels, resorts and resorts
📊 Consulting setup and operating Beer CLUB, Pub, Bar, Karaoke
📊 Consulting and setting up Conference Center and Wedding
📊 Consulting on building brand development strategy, marketing and communication
📊 Design consulting, building restaurants and hotels
📊 Supply and training of human resources
📊 Provide & Develop hotel and restaurant software solutions
With a team of 30 experienced consultants in strategic thinking and proactive problem solving, proficient analysis, solid decision making, autonomous, interpersonal and organizational management, convincing and Good leaders. At the same time, our expertise, training ability, and broad knowledge have made us a difference.

🔰 Go Viet’s model is to provide all business services for the hotel restaurant system based on a team of professional and experienced human resources who have been working in large hotel restaurants. . Therefore, we have enough understanding about the nature of business projects and from then offering optimal solutions with the lowest cost for customers.

With the motto of unceasing efforts, enthusiasm, honesty, market understanding, wholeheartedly for the sustainable success of customers. Go Viet is committed to our partners ‘success, customers’ victories are testament to Go Viet’s success.

We have achieved many great achievements and continued to grow, fulfill our mission to customers, making a significant contribution to the F&B – hotel – tourism industry.